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I'm a pretty chill guy, and I've been called "retro," which seems to fit nicely. So, yeah, I'm up for anything. I love to game, listen to music, n stuff like it.

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Kingzant's News

Posted by Kingzant - November 18th, 2008

Hey! As you know, between my stories there is alot of time. Well, I will fill in that time!!! Every day until my story, I will be posting a comic strip from the manga, LoZ: Wind Waker- Link's Logbook.
Yep! Each day I will post one, and when I make a post not about the manga, I wont add another comic for three days, to let that post kinda... sink in.
Oh, if you havnt read any manga, you read from right to left. Not left to right. And yes, you read down the strip.

Also, Im happy because my birthday is this Saturday! Yep! November 22!!!

Well, heres the first strip for Chapter One of Link's Logbook. Enjoy!

Oh, yea! Right now, Im working on my story! Im using Microsoft Word, so Ill copy and paste it here soon!

(It may be a bit small. If It is, let me know. I will gladly change it for ya.)

Hey! Had a great idea!

Posted by Kingzant - November 12th, 2008

I have gone as far as to find a theme song, for me. Well, its not mine, but it suits me. :D

My theme.

I figured this was a suiting theme for me. Really. Now, go through my last few audio favorites. There are some awesome tracks.

Well, I bet my story will come either in my next post, or my post after it. This is, I swear, set in stone.

Posted by Kingzant - November 2nd, 2008

Hey again! Hope you had a happy Halloween, and I wanted to, again, thank Leedove for the prize package I recieved. :D

Um, I would like if you took a look at my faves, because they are awesome!

Especially Super Mario Broz Z ep 7. It is very creative, and Alvin-Earthworm is my favorite flash artist.

Um, yea. Just go through it, and make sure to go through my audio faves too. Good tracks, there are.


Just saying hi.

Posted by Kingzant - October 30th, 2008

Hey guys! Haloween is tomarrow, so I thought Id shout about it! NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Wewt! I hope you have a gewd Haloween, and have fun with it!


Posted by Kingzant - October 27th, 2008

No, it isnt my next Akatsuki story, sorry. :(
But, its something I had to whip up for my CLUE class. Its about Hercules, and I had think up a 13th Labor that he had to go through. If you know the Greek myth, well, you know whats its about. But here is my totally made up, 13th Labor!

Hercules' 13th Labor

Even though Hercules completed the 12 labors assigned to him, obviously, Eurytheus wasn't satisfied. So he assigned him a final task: to slay the mighty 4 headed dragon and bring back each of its heads. Each head represented a different element. The head with red scales shoots flames out of its mouth. The blue-scaled head shoots a mist so cold, it freezes anything it comes into contact with. The white dragon head blows a mighty gust of wind powerful enough to destroy a large home. The green head shoots out mud that is so poisonous, it infects you when it hits your skin.
Hercules thought it would be the most difficult thing he had ever done, but he traveled to the lair of the dragon. He saw the dragon feeding on four separate deer, and he walked up to it. As soon as he was spotted, the red head shot a flame, and Hercules dove out of the way. Then he got between the water and wind dragon heads and as the water dragon shot mist at him, he rolled out of the way, which froze the wind dragon's head. He then got a large rock and smashed the frozen head. He then jumped on the beast's back and pulled the green dragon head so far back, he broke its neck. The dragon twisted around, throwing Hercules off of it. The blue head shot more mist at Hercules, which froze a rock that then gave it sharp edges. Hercules took advantage of that, because he grabbed the rock, and threw it into the blue dragon's throat, then killing it.
The red dragon head was left. Hercules then ran around the dragon, grabbing a large rock and dropping it on the dragon's tail. The dragon roared such a powerful roar, the cave shook. Hercules ran out of the cave, just as it collapsed above the dragon. After an hour of digging, he found the dragon's body and dragged it back to Eurytheus. In shock, Eurytheus then told Hercules he was no longer a criminal, but a hero. Hercules was proud to hear that, so he headed back to his homeland, wearing the lion's pelt, and taking his story with him.

Like? I toldya, I made this myself. It is supposed to make up for the late story. Aaanyway... um... yea. See ya later!

Posted by Kingzant - October 25th, 2008

Im back, and still bored! Sorry, but dont expect the next story anytime soon. Itll take too long to make, and Im grounded, so Im using as little time as possible. Anyway, I have been drawing alot, which has kept me sane, and read alot of books. (I finished the third book of the Eragon series, Brisingr, in about 4-5 days) I guess reading and drawing has kept my mind off alot of things I cant do, and relieves some stress from school.
Well, I guess I am pretty bored at the moment, so I guess Ill say hi to my buds.
Hi Leedove, SSD, Godpervert, goofyka, Link65, and my other buds. :)

Well, Ill be changing my pictures back to Zant, except the banner, so Ill be like, Zant Akatsuki. Or vice-versa. Um, this picture is cool. :D

Just know Im doing fine, Zants back, and no story for a while :'(

Be seeing you later!

Oh, happy Halloween!

Oh, I recommend, if you like stories like Harry Potter Eragon, and such, read the Pendragon series. I have the first seven books, and read em all. They are awesome! The 8th, 9th, and finally, the 10th should come sooner or later. :D

Hey again!

Posted by Kingzant - October 2nd, 2008

My story isnt coming anytime soon. That is all I can put. I am really sorry...

Posted by Kingzant - September 26th, 2008

I am saying my next story will be pretty sweet! This time its about me (Kakuzu) and some friends hanging out. And, yes, I will add Tobi again! :3

If you want to be in the third story, do not bother to ask! Just... umm... tell me!

Heres another thing; I am changing the way I write these! So, it will be like a book. You know.
Like this:

. "My third story will be pretty cool, because it will be better than the second! Umm..." I looked back to see what I was looking at. "Wait... what? Um... nevermind..." Point is, Im bored.
. "Yep. Um... er.. yea. OH GAWD ITS TOBI!!!"

Crap! I found out I cannot indent my paragraphs, so... tough luck for me. Oh, if you like sprite violence, go check out Power Star 4! Its crazy!!!


Oh God. That was hilarious! Im sorry, but you guys, go to the front page and watch The Assumption Song. Wow, I cannot belivive I am still laughing about it... ah... oh man... woah.

Posted by Kingzant - September 21st, 2008

Hey guys! Heres the second story! Enjoy! Well, I might have to split this into two parts. Anyway, enjoy!

Akatsuki Story 2-part 1
-Hidan, Kakuzu, Deidara, and Leedove are still in marketplace-
Hidan: This is your friend, right? Cool.
Leedove: I know I am! :3
Kakuzu: Lol
Deidara: Im Deidara.
Hidan: Hidan here.
Leedove: Nice to meet you guys!
Zetzu:-returning from market- Hey guys! I got every- who's that?
Kakuzu: It's my friend, Leedove.
Zetzu: Oh. Well, hi.
Hidan: -examining bag- Hey, Zetzu, you said you got everything...right?
Zetzu: Yea, I did get everything!
Deidara: Then why is the bag only half full...?
Zetzu: Um... I... had lunch...
Kakuzu: What?? You idiot! -kicks his shin-
Zetzu: Ow! Dude! What was that for?!?
Leedove: Did you forget already?
Zetzu: Oh... yea...
Deidara: Stupid.
Hidan: Retard.
Kakuzu: Stupid retard.
Zetzu: Okay, okay! I get it! Gawd! }:(
Leedove: Lol
Kakuzu: Holy crap... That better not be who I think it is!!!
Hidan: Oh no...
Deidara: Holy crap! Its-
Kakuzu: Dont shout!
Leedove: Who is it?
Kakuzu, Hidan, Deidara, and Zetzu: It's Tobi...!
Tobi: -Being dragged off by guards- Aw...cmon! I just wanted to ride the animals!
Young boy: -crying- Waah! He pushed my lolly out of my hand!
Woman: Alright, calm down. Ill get you another.
Leedove: -whispers to me- Is he crazy...?
Kakuzu: Oh, you have no idea...
Tobi: -tears away from guards, and charges into bakery- Whoo!!!
Guards: Get him!!
Hidan, Zetzu, and Deidara: Hahaha!!
Kakuzu: Wow.
Tobi: -charging out of bakery holding a bag of cookies- You will never get me!!! :D -jumps into trees-
Leedove: He IS crazy.
???: -comes up from behind us- Whos crazy?
Kakuzu, Hidan, Deidara, Zetzu, and Leedove: -jumps up in surprise, and turns-
Deidara: Tobi?!
Kakuzu and Zetzu: Oh...no.
Tobi: -eating a cookie- Whos crazy?
Hidan: Where the HECK did you come from?
Tobi: Oh, that was the decoy Tobi!
Leedove: Im not even going to ask.
Kakuzu: Me either...
???: Believe it, believe it, believe it!!
Zetzu: Aw... another retard?!
Deidara: God, I cant stand more than one retard!
Tobi: -leans in on Deidara- You shouldnt talk about Hidan like that...
Deidara: Im ignoring that.
Tobi: You said something! -grabs another cookie-
Leedove: Hey... isnt that Naruto?
Naruto: Believe it, believe it!!!
Hidan: God! Shut UP!!
Leedove: He seems a bit... annoying...
Zetzu: Oh, come ON! You cant be serious! "Seems a bit annoying"??? This guy is uber retard!
Deidara: Lol
Kakuzu: -presses fingers against temples- I have a headache...
Tobi: Want a huuug...? :D
Kakuzu: Oh god! Last time I had to go through three hours of some old dude walking all over my back!!! NO! I do NOT want a hug!!!
Hidan: Um... sounds nice.
??? and ???: Hey! Is that you Kakuzu?
Zetzu: MORE friends?
Kakuzu: Shut up... -brings back leg, as if to kick-
Zetzu: No! Please, not again!!! :( -holding shin-
Kakuzu: -sigh- Hey SuperSoni- I mean, SSD! Hey Goofyka!
SSD: Hey Kakuzu! Whats up?
Goofyka: Yea, its been a while!
Leedove: Some more friends?
Kakuzu: Yea. Oh, nothing much SSD.
-heads back to Kakuzus home-
Deidara: Man... I need to get out more.
Zetzu: What do you mean?
Hidan: It means he gets bored too much.
Deidara: What? No! I meant-
Tobi: HAI GUYS!!!
Kakuzu: God... SSD, Goofyka, please, avoid Tobi.
SSD, and Goofyka: Okay...?
Kakuzu: -makes a large dinner, and sighs- Enjoy!
Everybody: Thanks!
Leedove: Yea, this looks good!
Tobi: WOOT!!!
Kakuzu: Why are you still here???
Tobi: I dunno. :3
Kakuzu: Well, Im going to bed. Ill see yall later!
Everybody: -finishes meal- Bye!

Okay, that concludes my second story! Hope you liked it!!!
No offence to anybody! I want to tell everybody about this! Wait, that's your job!!!

Tell me, what was your favorite part?

Posted by Kingzant - September 21st, 2008

Heres some info about my second story.

Leedove (or Sakura... please tell me which!)
SuperSonicDude109 (SSD)

I was happy alot of guys liked it, but sad that some didnt... and I know why!!! They would rather read SSD's stories...jerks... I just want people to like mine!!!

Ill add more character interaction, more violence, more excitement, and more TOBI!!!
If you want me to, Ill be happy to put you in a story. Just PM me and tell me what you want to be called!

If you havnt read the first, go back one post, now!!!

Heres a lil sneak-peek of the second one.

Story of Akatsuki 2- Part 1 Trailer (preview, maybe?)

-Kakuzu, Hidan: Zetzu, and Deidara walking into town-
Deidara: Why are we here...again?
Kakuzu: We have to go buy some more puppets for Sasori, more pet snakes for Orochimaru, and some food.
Zetzu: What food??? -drooling-
Hidan: I never knew we ran out... and since when did Orochimaru join???
Deidara: Who cares.
Kakuzu: Well, the list of food...-pulls out scroll-... is about 12 feet long...
Deidara: Woah!
-they get into town sometime later-
Some guy:HAY!!!
Kakuzu: Who the heck is that??
Hidan: -grabs scythe- I dunno, but if he, or she gets in out way...
Some guy: Zeeeetzuuuuu!!!!
Zetzu: Im tired of this! I want mah food!!! -storms over to guy, picks him up, and throws him into a cart full of cabbages- Can we PLEASE go to the store now?!?
Kakuzu, Hidan and Deidara: -_-
Cabbage guy: MY CABBAGES!!!
Hidan: Okay, THAT was a bit funny.
???: Kakuzu! That you?
Kakuzu: Hm?
Deidara: Hey, its a girl. She your giiirrlfreeend?
Kakuzu: No you retard! Its an old friend of mine! Hey!
Zetzu: Im going to the store. -leaves-
???: Kakuzu, its been a long time! Whats up?
Kakuzu: Well, it HAS been a while. -both give a friendly hug-
Deidara: Aha! I thought she was your girlfriend!
Kakuzu: You...-punches Deidara in stomach-...retard!
Hidan: Lol
Kakuzu: Guys this is my old, and good friend, Leedove!

There you have it! It might seem a tad long, but my story will be longer! I personally think this is/ will be better than my first one. Look forward to number 2!!!

The Akatsuki are such a friendly, retarded bunch, no? :3

Second story is coming soon.