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I'm a pretty chill guy, and I've been called "retro," which seems to fit nicely. So, yeah, I'm up for anything. I love to game, listen to music, n stuff like it.

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Posted by Kingzant - September 20th, 2008

I know people like to make up stories, so I guess Il try to make up one myself! If you guys like this one, then tell me, and I might make another!

Story of Akatsuki Pt. 1

(All Akatsuki in main HQ)
Pain: Tobi! Calm down! We need to get this plan down for the invasion!!!
Tobi: Nevah!!! :D
Kakuzu and Hidan: TOBI! YOU RETARD!! STOP IT!!!!!
Tobi: :(
Pain: -sigh- Alright, we ready?
Sasori: Itachi...get up! -makes a puppet hit Itachi-
Itachi: Hey! If you do that again...Ill use my crazy torture thing on you!!! }:(
Sasori: ... What?
Itachi: -sigh- Nevermind... -sleeps...again-
Zetzu: -coming out from kitchen, holding half of a chicken-
Kakuzu: Dude! What is THAT???
Zetzu: Um...my lunch?
Pain: Will you guys... um... nevermind... we will just do this later...-leaves-
Hidan: So, Kakuzu, anything new happining?
Kakuzu: Nope... not really. Honestly, Im really bored.
Hidan: I know... Hey, guys, if you need me, Ill be in my room working on a prayer.
Everyone: Whatever...
Tobi: Deidara!!!!!!!! :D
Deidara: OMG!!!
Kakuzu: Lol :)
Konan: I just got back from the spa... Did I miss anything important?
Pain: -comes back from wherever- Since when do you go to the spa??
Konan: Well, every girl needs to relax, right?
Tobi: KONAN!!!!!!!!!!
Konan: Oh God... here comes Tobi. Umm, Ill be in my room!!! -runs in and locks door-
Tobi: Me wanna see Kon- Omg are those cookies?!?
Deidara: No, crazy man, MY COOKIES!!!
Tobi: Tobi want cookies!!! :D
Deidara: No, Tobi! -runs off with cookies-
Tobi: Wahh!!! Me wanted cookies!!!
Kakuzu: Lol
Itachi: -wakes up- Umm...
Zetzu: Move! My legs hurt from standing! -picks up Itachi and sets down on floor-
Itachi: WTF?!? I was there first!
Zetzu: O RLY???
Itachi: YA RLY!!!
Zetzu and Itachi: -both starts to fight-
Kakuzu: HEY GUYS!!
Zetzu and Itachi: WHAT?!?
Zetzu and Itachi: FINE WE WILL!!!
Hidan: -comes from room, fuming- Guys! I cant concentrate while there's so much screaming!!
Sasori: -turns up music MAX- ^,.,^
Hidan: -grabs big scythe thing and breaks stereo- Gawd! Finally, I can have some quiet!
Tobi: HIDAN!!!
Hidan: Oh crap!!!! -runs away-
Kakuzu: Haha! Tobi, you are awesome!
Tobi: Kakuzu!!! Me hug!!!
Kakuzu: Oh gawd!!!!!!!!
Tobi: -grabs Kakuzu and nearly breaks his back-
Kakuzu: HELP!!!!!!
Everybody: LOL!!!

This ends the first. I hope you liked it! If you want me to, Ill put you in my story!
In this, I was Kakuzu, becuse that's who I am!
Ill see ya later!
Oh, and godpervert, I am saying, NO OFFENCE!!!

Every time I read over this, I smile. It couldnt be helped! I hope you smile too!

If you are in my story, do not complain how you may not have a big part. As you can see, every character has a fair share of parts.

My first story! EVAH!!!

Posted by Kingzant - September 14th, 2008

Hey, Captainsmoker, I found another funny pic. Hope you like!
Halp! I know Tobi is nice and all, but...
Ack! My back!!!


--EDIT-- Awesome! A lil bit ago, I hit level 7. And also, Im even happier I have over 20 comments for the first time! Thanks guys!
--ANOTHER EDIT-- I changed my aura, cause it matches me and the Akatsuki... so yea :D

Wewt! I got 30 comments! Seriously, thank you guys!!!

Awesome! I really want to keep this up! Ive got my first 40 comments! I will hug anyone that comments!



Posted by Kingzant - September 13th, 2008

I guess Im about 99.999999999% greedy. Point is, it's not 100%.

I wuv mah munny! :3

Umm...er... it's...actually my...umm... girlfriend in here..... umm...yea... -cough-sarcastic-cough-

I am NOT 100% greedy!!

Posted by Kingzant - September 13th, 2008

This is a lil message to my Akatsuki buds.
(See pic)

Anyway, my last two pages has the awesome music and the LAZAR!!! stuff, so go back if you want to watch again.

Um... Akatsuki is awesome.

Its Kakuzu, signing out!

(I've got Sasori's stuff! :P)

Leedove (1st and best friend on NG :D)
godpervert (also known as Tobi of the Akatsuki)
6monkey1 (OH NOES 6 MONKIEZ!!!1)
teenzeldafan4eva (a big Zelda fan)
girlzeldafan (another Zelda fan)
Link65 (65 Links?? Woah. And I thought the Four Sword adventure was enough)
SuperSonicDude109 (Duh-nuhnuhnuh-nuuuhnahh!! Its SuperSonic...DUDE!!)
captainsmoker (also known as Hidan of teh Akatsuki)

Fellow Akatsuki(that I know so far):

To all Akatsuki!

Posted by Kingzant - September 12th, 2008

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Umm... yea. This LAZAR!!!! stuff is about the funniest thing I could find ever. Now don't try not to laugh. It will be almost impossible.

Friends list:
Leedove (1st and best friend on NG :D)
godpervert (also known as Tobi of the Akatsuki)
6monkey1 (OH NOES 6 MONKIEZ!!!1)
teenzeldafan4eva (a big Zelda fan)
girlzeldafan (another Zelda fan)
Link65 (65 Links?? Woah. And I thought the Four Sword adventure was enough)
SuperSonicDude109 (Duh-nuhnuhnuh-nuuuhnahh!! Its SuperSonic...DUDE!!)

Soo... as I was sayi-BWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!! (LAZAR FIRIN!!!)


Posted by Kingzant - September 10th, 2008

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Hey guys! Im sending you some music! Well, putting it here to show that its awesome!

Okay, three of 'em are awesome, and another is to make you scared of windchimes.

Unsure of order: Do What You Want, Wind Waker staff credits, Through the Fire and Flames(I posted this before, but this is the GH3/ extended version) and Zant's End from Twilight Princess. Oh, wait, sorry. My end.

Enjoy! (sort of)

Anyway, Il be talking to you guys later! Or something...

Oh, BTW the Through the Fire and Flames isn't a real person playing. It's a guy's robot. Soo... dont be like, "WTF?!? That's like, IMPOSSIBLE!!!" (Which it isn't)

Posted by Kingzant - August 29th, 2008

Hello people. I want to say, I am feeling unusually happy today... So ill show you my friends, the Lolcats!!!


These cats are the funniest things you might ever see in your life. There are hundreds of pages, so get started!!!

Please tell me what you think, and you better thank me for showing you this happiness!!!!!!



Posted by Kingzant - August 19th, 2008

/* */
I am to ask you but one question: I am not sure what I am!

I only like to be evil because it has a nice ring to it, but at the same time I cant decide... between good or evil, or even light and dark, or even nuetral!

I have no side, and I try to keep it that way.

Honestly, I am confused.

Any idea for what I can/should join, tell me.

(At the end of ths vid it messes up a bit especially the end. Umm... I didnt make it, and whoever did is a moron... Kinda. I suggest you sstop watching it at 2:05)

Hi. I am...unsure.

Posted by Kingzant - August 16th, 2008

I wanted to say I feel like comparing Zant and Shadow.

Umm... Shadow is awesome, and Zant is awesome.
If they teamed up the world would be dead 'bout now.

Today I went up to take my oldest sister to collage, and I will miss her alot...

Honestly I need something to talk about.



Posted by Kingzant - August 14th, 2008

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Yes, again Im board. Anyway, I want people to know I'm also a Sonic fan too. Dont judge me, but the only reason is because of Shadow. You see my point, right? I would've been LordShadow as a username, but I saw Zant and compared; Zant won. Aaanyway, I want to share a bit of music from the Sonic game.

I personally like LoZ more because they dont rip stuff. The people that made Sonic ripped ALOT of other stuff from other games/series. For instance, Super Sonic was ripped from Dragon Ball Z, the Super Sayain. The Chaos Emeralds, you guessed right, the DragonBalls. And then in the latest Sonic game, they are going to have Sonic transform into a wolf at some point.

Hmm... I wonder where the "wolf" idea came from... Oh. I just did. The famous Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

See my point? None of the exciting material is their own! I mean, even Shadow is almost a rip! C'mon! He's kinda like Vegeta from DBZ!!! Wait! Saying that, Sonic in a way is like Goku!!!

Anyway, this song, "HIS WORLD" (Yes it is supposed to be capitalized) is a favorite of mine from that series.

I dont have a "Phraze That Payz" today, so Ill think up one later.


Ehh... That's all I can say, and I hope that may clear up a few things.

(I want people to know, I know alot about Gaming history, such as Smash Bros, LoZ, Mario, Sonic... Umm... Yea, just ask if you need to know anything related...)

Soo... This is bye for now?

No seriously. Go away.

KIDDING!!! Comment please!