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Dude! This is awesome! Man, I want to play SMG right now! Mind you, I will! Gawd, this is so awesome! It's so close to the original! Geez! Wheres my darn Wiimote...

<><>/10 <><>/5 is the best I can do.

SupraDarky responds:

Thanks man! Now go play some sweet SMG! :P

This is excellent.

I can image listening to this while there's a light shower going on...

This is near-perfect... so Ill 5 it. ^-^

Turning-Japanese responds:

Hahaha, I'm glad it conjures the proper imagery. Thanks!


This is very well done.

(To Pieclub, two people down.)
Dude check my page! I have the video of DragonForce playing it! You'll love it!!!
(That goes to any other nosey people!) :D

Its very good.

This is awesome, but it too half of the "song" to get to the 'Song of Storms" itself.
When it FINALLY DID, i loved how you redid it. The Song is good, but not the first half.
Just redo the Song of Storms with the extremely long intro, then thatll be a good song.


The first Paper Dragon wagreat, and so is this one.
Keep up the good work!

sorohanro responds:



This song is awesome, but when I heard it, my first thoght was: elevator music!

But anyway, great job.

sorohanro responds:

elevator music... like, is giving a face lifting, makes you smile ;)
thanx for review

This is very good.

This makes me think of teh WW ocean theme, and one of the island songs put together.

This is done very well, with the trumpets, and the music that I think came from Ganon's castle (I have no clue but Im guessing it came from there)pu together was really good.


Here goes nothing...

In the battlefield, a war is raging on between The Sedoways and Cathmines for the glory of ruling unfound territory, but all warriors are bravely lost, and the war thus ended there. The remains of the war, the soldiers, the wepons, were all buried by years of weather. The war was forgotton, and the land still remains unclaimed.

Did I do that, because this song inspired me to? Wow.


My favorite part of WW was that it wasnt just purely land, just the opposite. I loved the vast oceans, and the hidden treasures waiting t be found... ahh... memories...

Anyway, this is very good. Wait, HM made this? Hah! I didnt see who made this until now! Well, thats what you can expect from HM.

Great job HM, and keep it up.

I liked this.

I quite enjoyed it, for it was a mix of alot of things.

5/5 10/10

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