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This is very nice.

Im not going to be like OMG THIS IS TEH BESTEST EVAH!!! Nah. Ill just say the guitar worked with it well, and it is very good. Have you tried the Song of Storms from OoT? You should.

This is great!

I loved the Bob-Omb Battlefield music, but the remix is just awesome-er. I loved how you used the piano and trumpets.


It sounds soo like the original. What did you use? It kinda sounds like a keyboard, as it always did... Anyway, this is great.

This is good.

This is very good, but I dont remember this song being in the game...( It is Super Smash Bros. Brawl right? dont call me dumb, but I was just checking.)
Again, this is very good.

This is great.

I love this, it matches the Kirby games' "theme". This is great. Everything is nearly perfect. Every insturment, every note, every everything.

<(-"<) ^(-"-)^ (>"-)> Kirby dances. v(-^.^-)v Kirby happy.

Waterflame responds:

thank you :D

This rox, hands down.

I like this alot, and the tempo, beat, and pretty much evrything else is great.
It gets a 5/5 10/10. Ill fave it for when I fell like I need to let myself go. You know, escape reality. =]

I love this.

I liked the Assault version more, but the way you pieced them together is genius.
It gets a 5 and a 10. And I might fave it. Depends. ;)

This made me smile.

This is awesome, so ill 5 star it.


I had the N64 version when I was like 5-7 then it broke and I was sad... Then I got the gamecube then the wii versions... But this was one of my favorite levels because I liked being on the pirate ship. Anyway, this is great. It gets a 10/10 5/5 And ill fave it too.

Its very nice.

I love how it builds up. And this is great. But... somehow it sounds familiar... oh yea and it looks well too! This gets a 5/5.

I'm a pretty chill guy, and I've been called "retro," which seems to fit nicely. So, yeah, I'm up for anything. I love to game, listen to music, n stuff like it.

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