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I'm a pretty chill guy, and I've been called "retro," which seems to fit nicely. So, yeah, I'm up for anything. I love to game, listen to music, n stuff like it.

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Kingzant's News

Posted by Kingzant - June 13th, 2009

Just got back abut 30 mins ago. :D :D :D
The beach is fuuun. I kinda got sunburnt, and am peeling like a banana. I never really bother to put on enough sunscreen, sucks for me. I was hanging with my cousins, shwimmin, and just enjoyin myself.

I didnt draw anything, but a full moon was out which totally inspired me to draw the moon over the ocean, but it was too dark. Lol.

Did I miss anything guys? :D

Posted by Kingzant - June 4th, 2009

Hey guys! I think thill be my last post until the 13th or 14th of June because on the 6th Im leaving to go to Alabama for vacation! :/ Hope you miss me! :3
I want to say that I cant thank you guys enough for appreciating my artwork, it really means alot to me. :)

Well, not much is going on, just getting ready to hit the beach in two days. Oh I think while Im there Ill try to sketch the landscape; like make a beach scene. Hopefully being there will inspire me enough. :)

An awesome flash would have to be...
Hammer Bro Mario
Yea, Bigfoot's done a good job with this one. :)

Awesome music:
NSMB - Castle V2
[SD] SMB2 - Mario + Vegetables
Both of these are great, I just love the Mario Mix. The Bowsers Castle is awesome too. :D
(Even if Mario is gay. Luigi ftw!!! Go Weegee, go Weegee, go Weegee...)

And there probably wont be another post for a week, so hope yall miss me! :)

Well, that pretty much sums it up. Heres another look at Zant. :)

Yay! :D

Posted by Kingzant - June 3rd, 2009

This is my best sketch ever. I WORKED ON THIS FOR 3 HOURS!!!
Please, tell me what you think! This is the best/hardest work of mine yet!!!
Oh, and Narutosonicfan, I think I won. (FTW!!!)
I really cant explain how proud of this I am. Im leaving this up for a while!!!
The eyes were the hardest, or maybe the helmet itself.
It is darker, just the stupid scanner makes it lighter.
This is definately going as my profile pic.
And yes, lol, I posted it a day early. I just couldnt wait!!!!!!!!!!

ART POST 5!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kingzant - June 2nd, 2009

This is one Ive been waiting to submit since I drew it(cough-yesterday-cough)!!
This is awesome, I must admit. GO NG!!! Woo!
Well, this is a small tribute, so enjoy while its up! I think Ill change it to my profile pic too.

Art Post 4!!!

Posted by Kingzant - June 1st, 2009

I cant tell you guys how much I appreciate that you like my work. This is(I think) my second to last one. Ive got a few ideas, but they havnt hit the paper... yet.
This is a Darknut from Loz: WW, which were always alot of fun to fight.
This was one of my first good drawings, so Im proud of it.
Tell me what you think!!!

Art Post 3

Posted by Kingzant - May 31st, 2009

Alright! Heres my third piece of work!
Go back to posts 57 and 58 for my other two.
Ok, if you did see the other one, its the same drawing, just I did darken it and added a few things.
EDIT: I noticed alot of you like my art, and I really appreciate that. Most people at my school I show it to think its good, but dont really care.
If you want, spread the word! Thanks guys!!

Art Post 2

Posted by Kingzant - May 30th, 2009

I didnt post a picture yesterday, but I cant do one today. I cant find my freakin folder with all my drawings in it!!! :(
Well, Ill find it soon.

EDIT: I just found my art, and which one Im going to post, but I cant use my scanner right now, cause for some reason its opened in half. Um... As soon as thats taken care of Ill post the next one and leave it on for tomarrow as well.

Posted by Kingzant - May 28th, 2009

Okay, as I promised, heres another work I made.
Its of a wolf, my favorite animal. I guess thats why Im a dog lover. :D
Its kinda light, but I can darken it later...

If you want to see my other drawing, go back to post 57.

Art Post 1

Posted by Kingzant - May 27th, 2009

Okay, today I feel like talking... about what, Im not sure. :/

Uhm, I guess I might tell ya Im an artist, I make excellent sketches, but I am great at freehand, too.
Every now and then I will post another piece of work(if Im able to) just to prove Im an artist. :D
My first picture is a sketch a LoZ WW manga my friend showed me, and its pretty accurate.
I hope you like!!!

Some nice music would be...
Sunny Day!
{NA} Amaranth 8-Bit
Yep. These are all awesome.

Alright, um... Ill be adding new art once every day(or when I can) for a while, and Ill do actual posts such as this every once in a while.

So... yea thats about it.

Heres an awesome sketch by: KINGZANT

Alright, here we go again.

Posted by Kingzant - May 25th, 2009


I was making this post, about done with it when my computer suddenly does its thing where it just closes everything down. GAWD!!!

Heh... gotta start fresh... AGAIN.

Alright, I wanna start making my posts sorta like how Leedove does them just cause I havnt done anything. Im getting boring... Seriously, Ive practically lost almost all of my friends, and hardly anybody visits my page anymore...
I wanna change that.

Alright, first thing, summers here, finally get to sleep late, going to Alabama in two weeks, having a friend over tonight, yay.
Sorry guys who havnt got out yet!! :(

Alright, some awesome music here would have to be...
Midnas Lament Remix
I know you may give the song many different names, but since Im having to retype ALL OF THIS, Im not gonna name them. I just call it Midnas Lament because I first saw the song title on SSBB.
The song starts slow, but it really gets awesome around the first minute.
EDIT: Theres another awesome song, just heard it a few mins ago.
Its called...
Sunny Day
Really the best song Ive heard on NG Im proud to admit! :D

The best video Ive seen in a while would have to be...
The Best Commercial Ever
Yes, thats what its called. And it really is the best commercial ever, I watched it soo many times and kept laughing.

Things that I really like... yea, all I can think of is that banner I made... WHICH IS STILL FTW!!!
If you wanna see my banner, LOOK UP IDIOT.

Alright... Im happy my friend, Leedove, is back from 08... yay. :D

Well, I guess thats all for today(that I can think of).

Z FTW!!!!!!

Wow, Im Ticked.