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I'm a pretty chill guy, and I've been called "retro," which seems to fit nicely. So, yeah, I'm up for anything. I love to game, listen to music, n stuff like it.

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Kingzant's News

Posted by Kingzant - July 26th, 2009

I had my guy done a totally different way than I originally planned, but itll do. I probably did it this way cause I didnt feel like making more detailed stuff; Im getting tired.

Well, here it is. Me, in anime, except with a cool robe.

I didnt add many details because its supposed to have a somewhat sleek look, but at the same time Im tired.

I might add color, but all it really is is just black and white.

And yes, it does kinda suck.

Hey, and one more thing, will somebody scout me for the art portal? I hear there was an incedent where every NG user got unscouted... soo... yea.


Posted by Kingzant - July 26th, 2009

After watching an episode of Bleach, I remembered how to make eyes well. Im now working on my anime self for my friend, which is turning out quite well actually. The head is pretty good. Thats all Ive got so far lol. Well, Ima try to finish it tonight, maybe tomarrow.

I guess Ive gotton past that "block", so Ill be posting that "me" later on, maybe later tonight, probably tomarrow morning. It wont have color, so dont ask. If I need to add it, then I will later.

And here youre listening to this random 12 year old. Well, thanks lol.

Posted by Kingzant - July 23rd, 2009

A friend asked me to make myself as a... character. Like, make myself an anime character in a way that Id want to look. She wants to use it for a story or something...

Well, thing is, I cant. I think Ive lost my touch... I spent hours trying to prove to myself that I havnt, but I have. I cant draw an anime eye, or if I do, I cant make a copy to match, I cant draw heads, faces, bodies, I can only do doodles with good details... I have just... failed...

I dont know whats wrong, I just cant draw anymore. T-T

I feel like crap now... also knowing that my older brother is one of the most artistic guys I know.
Well, that art on my page is probably the last that youll see...

And Im being dead-serious. I cant draw anymore.

I was thinkin, since it doesnt really matter, I might go ahead and tell you im only a 12 year only kid.
Yeh, when school starts its to 7th grade, and I guess I might post a pic of me. his was when I was camping a few months ago, and its kind of a bad pic, but whatever.

Bad News...

Posted by Kingzant - July 11th, 2009

Im really bored, and Ive started sleeping till like 1PM and I dont know what else to say, lol.

Soo... yea.

Posted by Kingzant - July 3rd, 2009

Yay. About 30 mins ago my dad came in with a huge bag of fireworks. Anybody else celcbratin? :D

Posted by Kingzant - June 29th, 2009

Everythings fine... sorta. Um, if you want to criticize me, then screw off.

I know, I mightve overreatced, its just my art is really the only thing that gives me confidence, Im proud of it, and I dont like hearing any negativity about it. I always try by best, and if I mess up while working it really upsets me. Just when people talk crap about my art, it really offends me.

Posted by Kingzant - June 29th, 2009

Will somebody please go to Yahuwa and give him some crap for me? He went to one of my art posts and told me to stop posting pics of copyrighted characters. I know theyre copyrighted, and not mine at all, but shit man! Cut me some slack! I cant do some drawings of characters if I want to?
Because of this Im probably gonna end up deleting all of my art from the Portal...

Posted by Kingzant - June 29th, 2009

Nothing new, I just put up some more art. Please take a look, rate high, and comment! :D

Posted by Kingzant - June 25th, 2009

I went to Heber Springs, Arkansas for a couple of days, and it was fun.
Lol did anybody hear that Michael Jackson is dead?

Posted by Kingzant - June 20th, 2009

Well, this is new. For all of you that have seen my artwork, go review and vote on it! :D
Finally, I think Newgrounds is complete.
Well, Im happy, and will be putting up more art, so look for it!