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Nice! Preview problems.

Its a great tool for those who dont have their own programs, but it isnt perfect. And Im having problems with the preview, if you find the skin called "Box Man by KingZant" youll notice that the preview is INCREDIBLY FREAKIN SMALL. Im not sure as to why this is, or how to fix it. Maybe only I can see it? Im not sure. If someone could get back to me on it Id appreciate it.

The-Swain responds:

Haha, what the... People have submitted over 3000 skins so far and this is the first time I've seen that happen. By all means, submit again and hopefully it shouldn't be an issue.

480 deaths.

Im not sure if thats a record, but its still an assload to accumulate in such a short time. I STILL LOVED IT. The music goes really well, and the games concept is quite simple. It was a bit challenging at times, like the third part of level 13. I feel I couldve gotten about maybe 450 deaths cause I got distracted at 13 and I kinda died a few extra times... Still, great game and good work.

5/5 10/10


As of now, Ive managed 26 points. Still, its an awesome game. I dont know if its stolen, or simply copied, but its fun either way.


Great game. I love the concept, and since there is no time limit, its more enjoyable than Effing Hail. Heh, I just destroyed the first level with a 200 mi size planetoid. Itd be cool after 150 mi if it could be considered a full blown planet.
Despite that, its awesome. Absolutely love it, and good luck with future projects. Itd be cool if this was available as an app game on the iPhone/iPod Touch. :D

5/5 9/10

F*ck This Game

Seriously, I just said "F*CK" when there were four screens, then just watched what happened when more came up. MY MIND GOT F*CKED.

I love the concept, though. Great job. :D 5/5


As much as Id like a replay feature, it makes sense not to have one. I have John in the lab, alone and dead. I refreshed the page, expecting to start again, and see the different outcomes. I didnt get that. I wasnt expecting to actually make that my ONE chance, either.

...But thats the sad truth: there is no replay button on life.


Love it. This could easily be a game on its own, or at LEAST an iPod Touch/iPhone app.
I just beat the first boss, and Im loving it. But what concerns me is the saving. My parents like to give a computer a clean-up every now and again, so Im wondering if I could save it somewhere else.
Love the many in-game references and sound effects with it, along with its carefree awesomeness.
EXCELLENT work. 5/5 10/10

Love it.

I dont care if wasnt much of a game, but the newest meme has shown itself. :D Ive already downloaded this song for myself, actually. If youre able to find this song on YouTube, go to www.Dirpy.com and download it from there, cause I did.
Well, nice job. :D 5/5

Plain, but difficult.

I like it alot, but its a bit... plain. The concept is great its got a nice difficulty. I managed to get past the "nefarious" level 52, but then 53 hit me in the face. Ill come back later. :)
This gets a 9/10, but I cant give you a 4.5, so I think Ill hand you a 5 anyway.
Oh, and the answer to 52 is simple! Its -PSHHSHSSHHHH!!!!!---

Oh my God...

That was the thing I said when I zoomed all the way out. My mouth was open half the time. Incredible. Slowly I went from the quantum foam to the universe's size, and nearly passed out. That is almost too much information to handle, really. Slowly scrolling from the smallest to the largest... man.

Ah... it forced me to think. >.<
This is one of the coolest things Ive ever seen. This has actually answered half of my lifes questions involving the size and scale of many things. Thanks, lol.

On to the quality: Everything looked good up until the point where the galaxies came in. The drawings arent great, but you still managed to prove your point.

I rarely say this, but this deserves a 12 of 10 and a 6 of 5. Alot more actually. Good thing the score is a 4.5, thats good by itself.

Great freakin job here. I SERIOUSLY MEAN THAT.

I'm a pretty chill guy, and I've been called "retro," which seems to fit nicely. So, yeah, I'm up for anything. I love to game, listen to music, n stuff like it.

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