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Pokemanz YAYS.

I love the style. Makes it seem a traditional painting. 5/5 10/10


Simplicity at its best.

This mustve been easy, just Latias or Latios, changed the back area, and made it purple, but its still very cool. I would imagine its pronounced La-sho-as, the ending "a" coming from Latias, the same sound. It kinda hard to explain. The signature move seems a bit... understated. Imagine a rock, no bigger than your fist, going at Mach 4, and hitting a person. Now imagine the effects of that rock on that person. If Lati@s were to go Mach 4 towards a Pokemon, and hits it, dont you think it would make it, not faint, but kill it? The power should be alot higher. Like 150 to 300. I know Hyper Beam is 150, but it doesnt always get that 1-hit-kill effect most are looking for.
I really think Nintendo should give you a spot in their huge Pokemon department. These FUSE Pokemon seem like theyd fit into the Pokemon world easily.
Also, good luck with trying to get in it too.


Its like Darkrai lost a bet with Satan...

Truly amazing. I love all your art. Nuf said.

Might I say... DAMN!

Ive seen some of your art, and this is pure epic. Pokemon art is awesome, and this is awesome. Ive gotten into a lil "PokePhase" myself... been playing Sapphire for a while. This is really too awesome. I was just thinking: "You never see this stuff on TV now do you?"

esepibe responds:

Thnx! :D

Oh no,we dont see this kind of stuff on TV...but we should! instead of T.Rocket being blasted away over and over again...ugh XD


The overall idea is good, but the character's body is just bad. The right hand grip looks wierd, angle of the torso doesnt match the angle of the... ass. The stomach area looks like its about to explode, and the back looks like the skin is too tight, shrinking the overall back area. Also, if you could use your own drawings of fire and/or lightning, thatd look better.

Might I suggest you study the makeup of a body, or the anatomy of it, or go to the extent of looking at what you look like when making that pose in a mirror or something. I do that alot.

The monster looks alright, but the lines are broken in a few places(unless theyre supposed to be), and the tentacles look to be bigger on the tip than further down.

Also, if you look at the battleaxe, it would seem that the side that should hit the monster is smaller than the other side. It would seem that the larger, chipped side would hit the monster, as it would in most cases. Just flip the axe around, or make the sides equal.

An "A" for effort, I would give. A 5 in stars, I have given.


Its actually pretty good. I like.

:P Good job.

gigi6676 responds:



Hey I do art sorta like yours, just black and white. Check it out.



Lol, thats pretty funny. You are quite a talanted artist, use that to your advantage.


Yea, Luigi is badass. The sprite is cool, the art could use some work. I respect your respect for Weegee! Who also respects that you respect him... :3

Good job though.

nicksoul responds:

oh thanks


Epicness! I wish my art was as good as this. Sorta.

ngfan14 responds:

Sorta? :P
Thanks for the review. :D

I'm a pretty chill guy, and I've been called "retro," which seems to fit nicely. So, yeah, I'm up for anything. I love to game, listen to music, n stuff like it.

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