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I'm a pretty chill guy, and I've been called "retro," which seems to fit nicely. So, yeah, I'm up for anything. I love to game, listen to music, n stuff like it.

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Sorry, I've been out, High School got me dragged through a dirt mine. LOL Sorry again, hopefully your still on. So how's life?

Sorry for a delayed response. No, yeah I played it very recently and it was easy. Although, I really love it. It's unique in many ways, for instance side quests; plenty of them. But not to many of them to seem over whelming. And it's story line is perfect. People play the game so differently and opinions very so much on the game. The best way to answer this question is to simply tell you to play it all the way through and see for yourself wither it's a good or bad game. :)

Once again sorry for the delay in response.

Well, thanks for having faith. And hope to hear from you soon.

Oh boy. Well, let's bring it back shall we?

Well, I'm recovering. But more or less I'm happy and I know what to do and I'm on the edge of happiness. Maybe already there now that I'm back and talking to you and every one else again.

That sounds good. I can believe it. Sweet, maybe you can let me read it later. It's funny cause I'm writing one currently right now too. :) I can't wait to see them, I bet there good. Glad to hear from you too! :D

Thanks. No chapter 6, I finished chapter 5. Yeah, mine too... but I plan on making them longer in my second draft. You too! Yeah, short pages are alright, Tale of Two Cities is like that. You could do it, if you don't doubt yourself and really want to. Heh heh, yeah can't wait for it to come out this year.

So how have you been?

That's a very interesting game so far. What do you plan on working on next for it?
I'm interested in reading your story by the way.

Hey, really?

Sweet! Greenhouse are good for the environment. LOL Wow! Why... you know what I rather not ask. Oh I see, well... do it while they're out of the house then. Yeah... that would be a good idea... maybe try doing it in the middle of the night. :P

Nice! That would be really cool. Pretty good. Not much going on lately. Still haven't cleaned all my sites, so busy to.

Just questioning: Do you have any ideas for one of the three sections in my posts, I'm kinda lagging a bit. lol

You played flight too!?